A Bit About Me


Hi I’m Jessica! Energy Healer, Medium and Intuitive Coach. My journey began after years of living day to day, KNOWING there was MORE in this world. I spent years searching for the energy, wisdom, spirit. To make sense of the things that were happening to me and all around me. I could feel and sense, but had no guide, no reference, no one to learn from. I was born and raised in organized religion, and although I believe in a good portion of what I was taught, I could feel other things, beyond these traditional beliefs. I wanted MORE than the day to day life I was living. I had always believed in the power of intention, so I put my intentions out into the universe, and found my way back to myself. The direction my life took from there has been more than I could have ever imagined!

After  years of working with Teachers, Shamans, Seers and Channelers, I began using vibrational medicine and energy healing techniques on family members and friends with undeniable results. Through working with medical doctors, I quickly understood that our health and wellness expands beyond mainstream medicine, beyond just our physical body’s. We are WHOLE beings, and addressing our whole health, to include our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical is necessary for permanent healing and transformation. I began utilizing various healing modalities which resulted in great success! My passion became healing and facilitating change on all levels, using vibrational therapies, energy corrections, intuitive work and healing through nutrition and environmental changes. My intention is to be a channel of positive healing energy and intuitive guidance to help empower and guide you on your own journey of transformation and ascension in a safe and supported environment.

I am trained in Shamanism, Chinese Energetic Medicine, Vibrational Medicine, Crystal Healing, Usui Reiki with experience in many other holistic modalities.